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Young people today face many different problems as they grow into adulthood. The basic focus of our student ministry is to assist young people in this growth by reaching out with the love and message of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our vision statement is "to help teens develop their passion for God."

The student ministry at First Baptist is designed to help teenagers (grades 6 through 12) develop and maintain their faith in Christ as they grow through the exciting, yet anxious, transition years.

Through Bible study, fellowships, retreats, and various other ministries, we seek to nurture the growth of young Christians as well as leading student in making spiritual decisions. We also offer young people an opportunity to put their Christianity in action through missions.

The student ministry at FBCN offers exciting and meaningful activities for Middle School and High School youth. By using a wide variety of ideas and programs young people are challenged to take a deeper step in their relationship to Jesus Christ. This ministry speaks to the needs, wants, hurts, and struggles of being a teen in the 1990's. Our goal is to address the issues of today using solid foundation of God's word as the basis for our response.

Activities for students are happening year round. Retreats, conventions, concerts, cookouts, recreations, lock-ins, Youth Sunday, theme parks, and sporting events are all included in this ministry. Students take an active role in planning the events. Fun, surprises, food and great fellowship are always included in the student activities at FBCN.

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