Women's Mission Unit

The Women's Missionary Union (WMU) is the parent organization for mission activities involving the women and girls of the church.

Activities generally consist of Bible study, prayer time, refreshments, and crafts or similar activities. This group and provides prayer support as well as a chance to build new relationships and to strengthen existing relationships among our women. All women and girls are invited.

  • Mission Friends: Weekly activities for girls ages 2 - 5. Mission friends teaches coed preschoolers about missionaries around the world and at home. They learn about the different cultures and customs. They learn to pray for the needs of missionaries and their children, as well as lost people of the world.

  • Girls In Action (GAs): Weekly activites for 1st - 5th grade girls. The Girls in Action is a program to learn all about home and foreign missions for girls in grades 1 through 6. Weekly meetings are on Wednesday evenings. They consist of prayer, planning and ministry for missions, including local mission field trips, terrific crafts and refreshments. GA's are offered an individual achievement program in Mission Adventures that includes a variety of mission activities with badges awarded for each level achieved.

  • Acteens: Weekly activities for 6th - 12th grade girls. Acteens is a combination of the words ACTION and TEENAGER - girls actively involved in missions - in putting their faith in Christ into action. Those in Acteens actively participate and grow in a dynamic relationship with God in a lifelong missions journey.

    Involvement in Acteens teaches girls to PRAY for and GIVE to missions. It allows them to be personally involved in DOING missions. Through Acteens, girls learn about missions and missionaries and develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle. It provides opportunities to develop LEADERSHIP skills and RESPONSIBILITY, as well as discover their INTERESTS and ABILITIES.

    Acteens provides a Christian PEER and SUPPORT group. Girls enjoy FELLOWSHIP and develop lasting FRIENDSHIPS as they learn together how to grow in Christ and share that with others. Acteens "wear" their faith in Christ by putting it into action in their neighborhood, their home, their church, their state, their association, and their world.

    Acteens meet once a week for an hour on Wednesday evenings and other special times for "doing" missions.

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